21 August 2008

we're leaving for the weekend

Thanks for all the positive comments on my last paper pack and for sending me all those beautifull LO's ! I think those pictures contribute to a higher quality of this blog !
I still can't believe so many people like my designs!
I really appreciate your work - there's a lot of talent out there !!
So, thanks again !

It will be hard for me, because we're leaving for the weekend...no internet... no photoshop or scrapping.... Phew!
But maybe it will be the right ocasion to test the options on my canon.
That's quit a comforting idea haha !

This is where we will spend our weekend:

We're leaving tomorrow ( had no time to pack my bags yet... ).
It's a family - surprise - trip for my dad's birthay. He's 60 now.
I'm really looking forward to it, but on the other hand I'm sad because this will be the first time we won't take our dog with us...snif snif.
But I know he's in good hands...


  1. have a wonderful time.. enjoy ur father's birthday celebration!! (Happy Birthday Lien's Dad!!)

    awwww.. cute doggie too... i know when i went on vacation for a wk i missed my furry children like crazy!!! i've got 4 of them; 3 cats n 1 doggie.. they were taken care of by my daughter so i didn't have any worries either..

    but when i got home after a week, my oh my, what a greeting.. it was days b4 they would stop following me around the house!! that's LOVE!!

    well enjoy ur days away.. lookin fwd to ur return!!

  2. Your dog is very cute... Lovely !

    Enjoy your days and Happy birthday to your father...

    Have fun !

  3. Haii Lien,
    Fijne weekend!! Leuk zo'n verrassing voor je vader :D
    En inderdaad, nou ga maar eens goed de dingetjes van je Canon testen ;)

    Veel plezier!
    x Yvon

  4. Your blog is wonderful! I just nominated you for an award. Please visit my blog to pick it up.


  5. Thank you for your beautiful creations and for sharing them with us! I love them!
    I hope you are having a beautiful weekend! =)