19 September 2008


Whooohooooo - I'm now officially 'a designer' !!
They liked my test-kit 'Miek'!!
I think I'm so lucky to get this chance! I'm very greatful !!

And now, another flattering news: I received this blog award from Poupske.
It helps my self -confidence when I read what she wrote about me @ her blog:
"Elle a un talent fou et j'adore tout ce qu'elle crée !"
Thx, girl, I'm glad you're in my team !!

I also want to thank everybody for leaving those friendly and encouraging comments on my blog !

I'm now working on my next kit. I still have to work on the elements ( I'm waiting for some inspiration, maybe the autumn sun will give me some good ideas ... )

Have a good weekend!!
Bye LieN


  1. I'm so happy for you ! It's a great award for all the work you do ! And I'm so happy to "work" for you !

  2. Great !!! I was sure that you'll be accepted in the shop !

    Thanks for the kind comment about me...

  3. Gefeliciteerd!! Je ben een echte designer nu :D

    Erg leuk ook om zo'n blogaward te krijgen. Geeft je toch weer een extra goed gevoeld! Ga zo door!!

    x Yvon

  4. Congratulations! You deserve it!!! It's great!!! I'm very happy for you! =)