19 January 2009

new CT members

I can now proudly present you two new creative team members of Clickphoto Designs !

Want to get to know them better? Read all about them in this little introduction:

Go and see her blog here !
I'm Christelle (known as scrapenherbe in the galleries) and I'm French (excuse me but my english is bad). I live with a wonderful man for 6 years, Olivier, who encourages me in my creative passion. We have a little girl named Julie, 4 years old and she is the main topic of my pages. I discovered scrapbooking in 2007 and I've been digital since September 2008 and I love it!! I prefer simple style. I have a lingerie store and I'm always busy with my job, my family...and my pages!!

Go and see her blog here !
Hi, I am a french lady who has 2 wonderful (not all time ;-)) children.
I have been scrapping since may 2007, and I love this, I'm completely addicted !
I make photo books with all my LO.
I'm very happy to join Lien CT, and to join Ange and Valé in this team, which are two friends of mine !


  1. Welcome Timou and Christelle !!! Je suis super heureuse de te retrouver dans cette équipe Timou, on va se régaler. Et je suis très contente de faire ta connaissance Christelle (que j'ai connu grâce à Timou) car j'admire beaucoup ton travail.

  2. dat zijn twee mooie aanwinsten, Lien

  3. Félicitations les filles ! Vous complétez une bien belle Ct !!!

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