25 March 2009

CT news + CT call !!


I'm so delighted ! Ange asked me to be part of her creative team.
The decision was rapidly made, because I'm a big fan of her scraps and designs She's so friendly and honest. She's no 'stranger' to me anymore, because we did our collab 'precious moments' that turned out so gorgeous!!
I'm starting this new adventure with some other well known talented scrappers:
Margote- Ciloo- Dumpty- Krizomel- Valé- Miss bubble- Poupy- Timounette
It will not be easy to communicate because I'm from belgium and I speak Dutch... But well... it will be great fun talking frenglish with them ;D

Now Ange has less time to scrap for me ( and I don't blame her for that, because she's busy with designing her own products ), I thought maybe it's time to put a new CT call here, to expand the fabulous Clickphoto Designs team.

As a member of my creative team, you'll have access to all of my products from digital crea and 2LP shoppe.

To apply, submit the following to liengeliminator@gmail.com by April 10th:

Send me a mail with 'CT Call LieN' in subject line and add one layout featuring Clickphoto LieN products. Then submit a link to your most complete gallery.

You can ask me about further creative team requirements, but the most important one is having fun while scrapping !! So... just scrap when you're feeling inspired!!


  1. Bienvenue sur la CT de Ange!!!! Je suis vraiment heureuse que tu fasses partie de l'équipe!!!
    Et waouw, un appel à CT!!!!

  2. Me too, I'm so happy ! Thank you LieN !

  3. Heb je geen Frans gehad op de middelbare school? :P
    Hee, succes met je call!! Je weet wel dat ik ook fan van jou ben he ;)

  4. hier nog een fan, heb je kitjes al aangekocht, en binnenkort als ons kleinkindje geboren is materiaal en tijd genoeg om te bewerken, nu ontbreekt te tijd een beetje

  5. good luck with your ct-call. Hope you will find some great ct-members.

  6. gefeliciteerd!!

    Ik zou wel op je ct call willen reageren maarre..tja ik zit al in vier ct's en ik heb ook nog een man en vier kinderen die 'af en toe' wat aandacht vragen;-)))

  7. What a good news for you...
    Congrats LieN !!!