18 May 2009

It feels so good to get some feedback from you all! Thx !!

First of all, I want to thank you for showing me your appreciation by leaving all those nice comments on my blog!!!
Sometimes, I doubt myself... especially when there is no feed back or reaction on a new product. But now, I'm convinced to keep on designing and sharing freebies with you !!

Now, I've got some questions and emails about the changes I made to my blog layout. Do you want to know how to get a 3 column template?
Here's a link to this blog secret: [read all about it here]

Here's my layout with Ange's beautiful new kit 'senteurs proven├žales':


  1. Leuk 3 kolommen! Heb ik op de weblog ook :)
    Mooie LO die je gemaakt hebt. En van Ange weer een superkitje zeg!

    x Yvon

  2. Gorgeous page and kit! Love your new look on the blog!!!

  3. LieN, j'aime beaucoup le nouveau look de ton blog !
    La page que tu as faite avec le kit d'Ange est pleine de douceur. Superbe !

  4. Love the new blog and header !!! And your Lo is great too !