20 June 2009

short message

Hi, so sorry for not giving you any feedback about the CT call yet...
The last few weeks I'm feeling so sick, I barely have any energy left for anything else than sleeping !!

But thank you so much for applying! I'm sharing your layouts from your galleries with my CT team. So, they can help me with this difficult descision.


  1. I know what it is ! FOr my last pregnancy, I stayed in bed during 2 months and was really sick ! Happily, it doesn't last, in few days you'll felle better ! Courage !

  2. I understand what you feel! I've been very sick for my 2 pregnancies. I was sick the 3 first months and then I was better, and I began to appreciate my pregnancy.

  3. Geen probleem LieN !
    No problem !

  4. I understand that you are tired!!! Take care of you, that's right the most importing!!! Big kisses