30 July 2009

time to relax !

The last couple of weeks J. has been working on our new built house. He spent his free days on plastering our upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. It looks so much larger now !
J. did a great job !! The next project will be the flooring. Now we can start comparing different brands of wood laminate floors.

My pregnancy is going well ( although I still feel sick and tired most of the time ).
My check up will be next week and I hope at that time we will know if it is a boy or a girl.
*scroll down to see the 11 weeks ultrasound *

But first, we're taking some time off... Tomorrow, we're going on a well-deserved vacation. So now I'm going to pack our bags and get everything ready to leave !


  1. Take advantage, please, of your holidays to rest(base) you!
    I hope that we shall have the opportunity to see the works of your house!!! It is a lot of work but when everything will be finished, kept silent will be very satisfied with all that you made! Good holidays Lien and especially takes advantage!!!

  2. your 11 weeks ultrasounds page is just stunning! I'm glad you use this template, I realy love your stuf.
    Spend good holidays!

  3. Geniet van je welverdiende vakantie, veel plezier !!

    groetjes anita

  4. Hope you have an incredible time with J. in your vacation time !!!

  5. Merci pour ton soutien ...
    Passes de bonnes vacances et prends bien soin de toi ;-)

  6. I hope you are enjoying your holidays! I wanted you to know that I LOVE your products! You are so very talented!

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