20 May 2010

100% love

What a special day it is, today !
Just one year ago, I found out I was pregnant !
Wow what a feeling! I wish I could describe it.
And then, some time later, the amazing feeling of seeing the heart beat of my baby for the first time! It was overwhelming and amazing.
I love my little boy he is so precious and he is so handsome!!

credits: kit cocoon by Ange


  1. Mooi mooi. En wat een schattige foto's toch!

  2. He is so absolutely cute Lien. I love to look at his pictures.

  3. Quel mignon bébé avec ses petits doigts dans la bouche.
    Moi aussi Marius a souvent les doigts dans le bouche, les dent commencent à arriver !!!!

  4. What a beautiful memory!!! And he's so cute LieN! Congratulations!!!
    And your page gorgeous as usual!