27 May 2010

CT call | sneak peek | RAK | freebie

It's been a while... but although I'm a 'slow designer', I decided to announce this call anyhow:


I have a new kit coming your way...it's called 'Question Mark'.... Here's a sneak peek :


Do you want to win this kit ? Tell me about the question that made you laugh out loud. Put this question in the comment box below and M. Random will choose 2 winners ! Good luck !! ** deadline monday 7th june **

{ subscriber special } freebie:
Here's a freebie 'Sketchy 2'. You can find it in the { subscriber special } section of my newsletter.
I hope you like it ! Enjoy!!

EDIT/ sorry, you missed it... You can find this sketchy template in my shop here ! ( only $1 ! )
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  1. Great template ! Thank you very much !!
    The future kit looks wonderful !

  2. The question made me laugh out loud: "Do you like chocolate?" and yes I love chocolate and the person who offered me a box had a doubt.
    Thanks for the template et thanks to give the chance to win your kit

  3. Thank you for the great RAK and the SS-tmp!
    The last funny thing was a joke:
    - 'Oh, my dear, I'm so old, I'm so fat, please, say something good about me!'
    - But you can see perfect! :-)
    I hope you can understand what I mean :-)

  4. The question that made me LOL was when one of my nieces asked me what I liked to make for dinner. Everyone knows that I don't cook - at least not very well. My answer was "I like to make reservations for dinner".


  5. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [01 Jun 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  6. I always laugh out loud, when I am with my adorable and funny 2,5 years old godson. Once he sat at the computer (he loves that place) and turned to me asking something. I was starting to talk to him and explain the thing detailed. He just looked at me impassively and asked: Do you talk to me???

    He is such a funny little thing, he makes me always laugh. :D

  7. The thing that made me laugh out loud today was my little daughter watching me preparing little fish nuggets for lunch. She looked at them and said: "Mom, I know why they shine so golden....they are goldfish!"

    I love the preview on your new kit and wish you the very best for your CT Call.

  8. It's not really a question, but it did make me lauch loud !
    A little while ago the two daughters of my cousin were at my parents place. They had been naughtly in the garden, trowing name cards of plant into the pond and my mum was asking who did it. They claimed it was me (while I hadn't even been in the neighbourhood). Only when they were seperate, they decide to own up to it ! So funnny those kids !

    Great new kit ! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  9. What a beautiful colors for this kit!
    It's to speak or to write english which is for me ajoke !!!!

  10. hello lien !
    What make me laugh today ? It is a sentence from my girl of 4 years old. But I've to tell it in french, because in english it has not sens ;)
    Ce soir au repas nous avons prévu de manger des oeufs à la coque. Il faut donc des petits morceaux de pain pour les tremper dedans. Ma fille me demande alors : "tu as bien préparé toutes les Nouillettes, maman ?" (au lieu de Mouillettes)." Ca nous a bien fait rire. C'est ma petite "nouille" à moi cette petite fille! lol !

  11. merci pour le template te bravo pour ton splendide kit

  12. Hum seems to be a beautifull kit.
    The question that always make me smile is "do you sleep ?"
    THE question you can't answers properly.

  13. great template!!!!
    thank you very much!!!
    What my fact laughter it is my child and their complicite

  14. your future kit looks fantastic !! I want it !! LOL

    the question made me laugh out loud ... (in french !) :
    c'était au mois de février, il a neigé, et la première réaction de mon fils a été : maman, le Père Noel va passer alors ??

  15. My daughter is not a morning person. Today, not wanting to get up she said to me "Can't you see I'm tired?" Did I mention my daughter is 5? I'm dreading the teenage years. For now I can only laugh!

  16. This really made me giggle today... It was shared by a friends of a conversation with her three year old SD... goes a little something like this:

    " SD informed me tonight, that since she has found her pink wedding dress, she can find her husband and I am invited to the wedding so I can watch her kiss. After she gets married, she can have some babies and get flowers. All that from an almost-three-year old. She cracks me up! I told her to wait until she is older before she gets married and she said, "SM. I am older!"

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  17. just this morning my hubby put salt on my coffee... *ggg

    i am a really happy guy , i always laugh :O)

    Thx for the chance to win :O)

  18. Thanks for all, template, chance to win a new kit...
    What made me laugh recently: we asked our daughter if she wanted a new brother or sister, who answers us that the one that she already has is well convenient for her and that she prefers to keep him !!! She gets really very well with his 2-year-old brother :o)

  19. The question that made me laugh out loud was when my oldest son asked me if his baby brother was coming out of my belly button...LOL! I still giggle about that now!!! Thanks for the chance!

  20. Your new kit looks lovely. I want it!
    Today it made me laugh out loud how I baked muffins: there was way more frosting than dough. LOL