25 July 2010

spotlight's over... * snif *

All fun things come to an end... Spotlight's over. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Here are the results of the spotlight challenge:

first prize:
The girls of my CT voted for the most beautiful layout - and we have ex aequo !!

Congratulations to Jilki and Ruebchensmum !! You win one free product to my DC shop + one free product to my 2LP shop ( no collabs )

layout by Jilki

layout by Ruebchensmum

second prize:

Lucky Jilki & Ruebchensmum !! They also winn a $5 coupon to my 2LP shop ( no collabs ) because they made a layout with the freebie and kit Little Lady Love.

Morgane and Sabrinavc are lucky winners too! Congratulations !!
I've bundled their layouts with some of my CT:

third prize:

Mr. Random chose...... drumroll.....

Clara !! You win win a $4 coupon to my 2LP shop ( no collabs )

All lucky winners can send me an email to receive their prizes !
Thanks to everyone who participated! And big thx to Sharon from 2LP who gave me the chance of being the designer of the month!


  1. congrats girls, I'm happy for you !

  2. woohoo I won, thank you very much
    and congrats to the other winners

  3. oh my... woohoo!!!! thank you sooo much.
    congrats to the other winners.

  4. wow, I'm so happy, it's the first time I win :-). Thank you so much!Thank you!Thank you!....

  5. coupons and links coming your way ;D

  6. thanks to much and congrats to others winners