28 October 2010

Details create the big picture

"Details create the big picture", that's the quote that inspired me to create my newest kit, called 'details'. It's perfect to scrap all of your close-up photos!

available @ digital crea ( now -25% )


L Monsu & Timounette

L Margote & Veer

L Gwadatiti & Kaat

L Veer & Annette

L Poupske & Marie

L Bao (2x)

L Ella (2x)

L Patti

Now... my little blinkie - game.... It's up to Mr. Random to decide who wins this new kit

TADAAAAAA, congratulations, Ava-J !! You can send me an email to receive the kit ! ( liengeliminator at gmail dot com )

Now, scrap those close- up photos! I'm curious what you can make of it!
Bye and thanks for playing !


  1. OMGosh, I'm on a winning streak!!Thank you, thank you Lien! I can't wait to play with your kit. I sent you an email already. :)

  2. What a beautiful new kit, LieN.
    I love the warm autumn colours.
    Congratulations to the lucky winner.
    Hugs Corinna

  3. Oh, thank you so much! It's great to read some motivating and positive comments in here !

  4. Hi LieN, here's the link to the 1st page I've made using your kit..


    thanks again...