22 October 2010

*mwah* that's the sound of a kiss...

I love Jonah's open mouth slobbery kisses!! They are so wet but the best!
He grabs my face or hair with both of his chubby little hands and plants a big wet kiss on my mouth, cheeks or nose.
It's the sweetest thing in the world to be kissed like that by your baby!

Lately he smacks his lips together and makes a funny sound.
Once again, my boy has been the main subject of my inspiration for this kit about kisses. It's called 'mwah'.
Here is a preview of my new kit and it's now 25% off @ Two Little Pixels.
Clickphoto Designs mailing list subscribers get extra 10% off so watch out for your newsletter!
( There will be a little freebie included too ! )

Here are some inspirational layouts from my creative team and a hybrid project by Monsu: a beautiful mwah postcard !

Now, here's the winner of my blog giveaway. The person who won Che's kit is.....

..... Dady! Congratulations ! You can contact Che to receive your kit!
Want to know who won my kit? Go to Che's blog, and find out !!
Good luck and thanks for participating !

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