07 January 2011

naughty nice

As Jonah approaches his first birthday (can you believe it?!♥), he is showing plenty of signs of leaving babyhood behind and becoming a more independent toddler.
He cruises along the furniture, and crawls at lightning speed if he's determined enough to get somewhere. He's exploring, experimenting, and trying things his own way.

But my baby boy also has developed an uncanny knack to get ahold of things he shouldn't have and get into places he shouldn't go LOL.

That's what this kit NAUGHTY NICE is about:
good or bad?
right vs. wrong

And the winner is...

Congratulations, Marie! You won my newest kit 'naughty nice' ! You can email me to receive the free coupon!

Thanks for participating!


  1. Hi Lien, your baby boy is adorable! Congratulations to Marie for winning!

  2. I can't believe I won it, thank you so much! And indeed, Jonah is so cute!