30 March 2011

snapshots & shadows

Do you like the idea of creating your own simple frames with realistic shadow? With this product SNAPSHOTS AND SHADOWS, you can customize your frame ( shape, border, color ) and add one of the 15 shadows included. This product is saved as .psd set file, .psd seperate layers + seperate .png files. There's a 'how to use' file included. For both PU and CU !


  1. Here's how to use in PSE:

    use the frames in the folder 'separate files'
    open up a psd file in PSE
    the top layer has a layer style
    right click on the layer style icon
    choose option 'clear layer style'
    now you can use the top layer as a mask to put your photo !

  2. oh these are brilliant Lien! And so many wonderful kits!

    Hope you are well.

  3. sublime !!! j'adore j'ai des pages superbes avec vos ombres , merci pour votre si beau travaIL