25 June 2011

I'm back

Hi all!
It's great to be back, and be able to design after such a long time of absence !
As some of you might know, about a month ago, I've been struck by Bell's Palsy. Half of my face got paralysed.
Well, the past weeks, I have made significant improvements.
Now, I can smile almost normally. I can whistle. I still can't blink my eye, but I can close it quite easily.
People who are close to me, tell me they can see no evidence of droopage. They say the only time they can tell anything might be amiss, is when I blink. The right eye blinks, while the left remains open. I can live with that. I believe I have to stay patient so it can improve over time... Fingers crossed !

Here's my newest product 'scrApCCENT frolic':
My newest element pack is perfect to put an original and unique accent to your pages. It has 10 beachy wordart and 10 handdrawn/ doodled images ( also saved as sticker and shadowed version ). I hope you like it !


  1. I'm glad to read some good news about you!! Glad you feel better! Time will do its job, don't worry !
    I like your newest product, this is amazing!

  2. I knew you would weather the storm!! Cannot wait to see what you make next!

  3. Good to see you well enough to be back designing and blogging !
    hugs Elizabeth

  4. It's great to see you here again LieN! I'm so happy you're doing better! And of course it will keep improving! Big hugs!!!

  5. I am glad to see you are back:) All will be better soon, I had the same like you as a was 16. You will forget it soon. Your new kit is amazing:)

  6. Happy to see you're back Lien! and with such pretties too. :) Hope your recovery goes even faster. :)

  7. Hi LieN,
    I'm really glad to hear you're better, and I can imagine this was really hard to go through...
    Apparently, you didn't lose anything of your mojo, this new pack is amazing!
    I hope you'll do still better soon! :)

  8. Oh lien! How did Imanage to miss this? I am so sorry sweetie, so sorry and yet so glad it is improving!... you will get there... it is "just" a matter of time!
    good luck and take care!