14 November 2011

DIY | t shirt print

A few days ago, I was browsing one of my favorite blogs, 'leukst' and I came across a photo with the coolest tshirt EVER ! This printed tshirt immediately caught my eye !
Did you know it's easy to create your own? I thought to give it a go!
I used a print from WeAreFashion.nl , and here's what it looks like, my self - made 'moustache t- shirt' :)

Transferring your iron- on transfer image is as easy as four easy steps:
1. Using an ink jet printer, print your image.
2. Let the ink printed on the iron-on transfer dry thoroughly before handling.
3. Trim away any un-printed paper around your image that you do not want to transfer.
4. Transfer your image onto your fabric using a hand iron.

It's as simple as that !

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  1. Love the design! The T-shirt looks so cute on him. It’s nice to know that you gave T-shirt printing a try and you enjoyed it. I also love this activity. In fact, it is my hobby now. It’s my way of giving myself freedom to be creative and productive. Anyway, why don’t you make him a Batman T-shirt?

    >Lissette Monroe