02 December 2011

new release: so cute

There’s no better feeling for a mother than to hear your toddler say “I love you”.
Last week, after tucking Jonah into bed, and just before leaving the room, I heard him say it in the funniest way! * luuu joeeee * It made my heart melt ! He's just the cutest little boy !!

The cutest kid EVER !

Nothing's better than hearing "I love you" come from your child's sweet mouth !
Now, here's my newest mini kit 'so cute'. Let's bring on the cute overload !!

kit so cute set price 5.30$/ sale price 4.24$

for sale at Mscraps


  1. The preview is very very beautiful! it makes you want! you it will be released in digital creation? because unfortunately I can not pay on foreign sites with my card?

  2. You know I love all your kits, but I think this one is one of my favorite ones! It's precious!!! :) Thank you LieN!