03 November 2011


My boy, Jonah is now learning how to count. He counts to 10 and then skips to 20 :)
It's so funny when I hear him saying the degrees on the baby monitor. When he holds the monitor in his hands, the temperature rises from 19° to 20°, 21°, 22°,...... It's a fun game before going to bed !

So, my newest kit is also about numbers. It's called 'one'. It has 12 papers ( +1 xtra ) and 40 elements. The style of the papers is a bit different to what I'm used to, but it's great for blending for sure !! Here it is:

one set price 3.75€/ sale price 2.81€

This kit is now for sale at mscraps too, 30% off !

one set price: 5.30$/ sale price: 3.71$

If you come back tomorrow, you'll find a FREEBIE . That's something to look out for, isn't it?!

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