21 January 2012

DIY| birthday treat

In a few days, we will celebrate Jonah's 2nd birthday ! I've created these little gifts for his friends at daycare.
Text on cards FRONT 'hiep hiep hoera, Jonah is 2' -> 'hip hip hooray, Jonah is 2 !'
and BACK 'kiekeboe, kiekeboe' -> 'peekaboo'
Needed: ziplock bags, soft toys, printer, glue, utility knife and a corner punch (optional).

söt barnslig @ IKEA, idea from Stella & Henry


  1. Such a cute idea! My boys love those little stuffed toys at Ikea!

  2. Lien, this is so adorable ! They'll love it.

  3. That is to cute! Do you have a template for the goodie bag topper?