07 May 2012

wedding album

The past few weeks I've been busy composing a photo album as a gift for my brother's wedding. It was so much fun working on this!

This 'pinteresing' sixty years of memories by Nothing but bonfires brought me to the idea of writing an email to family and friends of my brother and my sister in law. I asked them to search for a favorite photo/ write down a favorite memory and send it to me.When the replies started coming in, I edited all scans, stories, memories and photograps I received. The ( free! ) my life in photos 4x6 template cards by Three Paper Peonies were perfect for this ! Here are a few (of more then 100 ) photos from the wedding album:
. my mom and dad on their wedding day,
. my brother as a newborn baby
. some memories, written down by my parents


  1. Eine wunderbare Idee, sehr schlicht und geschmackvoll. Schön! :)

  2. Great idea and i ♥ the outcome!