31 July 2012

DIY | handmade stamp

Today, I wanted to spend my day curled up in bed with my laptop & with a hot cuppa chocolate.
I don't like cold and rainy weather... especially when it's summer vacation !

That's why I decided to try out a tutorial I found on the net, about carving stamps.
I sought out my supplies. I purchased my rubber material and my lino cutting tool from
the online shop 'Pand 11' and got my tracing paper and ink pads from a local craft shop.

What you need to do is:

1.draw the design onto the tracing paper with a pencil
2.turn over the tracing paper and put it on the rubber block
3.use the end of the pencil to scratch the design onto the rubber block
4.start carving!
it’s as easy as that.

Et voila ! My first handmade stamp is born :)