22 October 2009

award + little game to win my next product for free !

Yesterday, I found out that Anita of Designs by Anita selected me for the "Honest Scrap Award."
This award is for those bloggers who write from the heart. I am honored to be one of the people she passed the award to. Thx, Anita !
The rules of this award say I must pass it along to (nine) other bloggers.
So, first ... here are my nominees for this award. ( If you don't have time to do the whole award thing, don't worry about it. Just know you're appreciated ! )
This next assignment is harder: the idea is that you share honest bits of information about yourself.
But what do I share about myself that I haven't already laid bare?
Well... I'll leave it up to you - I'll create my own little game of it:
Put your question in the comment box below. Just ask me anything you're curious about. Then I'll answer 10 of them.
And on top of that: there will be 3 random winners - they'll get my next product for free!!
Good luck !


  1. congratulations with your award

    ok, I have a question for you but I know already that you won't give the answer to it :)

    Is it a boy or a girl?

    Enjoy your last weeks of your pregnancy.


  2. oooh thank you LieN, your so nice. Tu mérites cet award, c'est sûr ! Je ne trouve pas de question... je te connais déjà bien je crois ;) Bisous !

  3. Hello Lien,
    you know I am a fan of your creations and I love the soft colours and textures you use. My question would be "where do you get your inspiraton from?" Are there special websites, magazines or what ever where you find your colour inspiration and the ideas for your kits?
    If you don't want to share your secrets, never mind. I just thought I try to find out. ;-)
    Best regards

  4. Hi Lien,

    I have only very recently (read : today) discovered your blog via beautiful layout done by Timounette. I must say : WAUW ! Your kits are so gorgeous. I will definitely be downloading some of the samplers tonight. I have immediately added your blog to my google reader, so that I don't loose track of it anymore. :-)

    My queston : Where do you get the inspiration for your kits ?
    And also, do you prefer hybrid or digital scrapping ?

    Lots of luck with the baby !

    DoggiNo from Belgium

  5. Oops, should have read the other reactions before I posted mine ... same question ... silly or maybe just a good question, hé Corinna ;-)

    Good thing I had a second question ...

  6. Hi LieN, congrats to your award and best wishes for the last weeks :-)
    My question is:
    How long does it take you to make one scrapbook page?
    And thank you for the chance to win :-)

  7. Such fun games! I love it!

    Here's my question: I know that you love the clean and simple style. (I love that in you too.) But is there any layout of yours that is SO not you but gave you great fun making it? Why? And please don't forget to show the layout too!

    Thanks for the great chance to win your beautiful kit and congrats on the award!

  8. Hi
    Since when do you deal with the making of kits?

  9. I too absolutely love your style! My question is, "How did you learn how to design digital materials?"

  10. Hi LieN, congrats with your award!

    Your kits are always that bit different, you've got your very own style, I really like that. My question; where did you find that style or the inspiration for it?

    enjoy your last months of your pregnancy!

  11. Hello Lien, what is your favorite color?

    Congrats on the award!

  12. Hello! I love your work and always enjoy what you write on your blog! My question is what gives you purpose in life? I know...a bit of a doozy :) Have a great day!

  13. Hi Lien .. my question is ... What do you feel when you see a layout made with your kit ?
    Thanks for the chance to win ...
    Love your work !!

    PS: I'm waiting for the QP of your last challenge .. hope you like my announcement card ...

  14. hello ! like all the others I am a fan of your creations, so thanks again to share with us your stuff !
    My question : how did you discover digital-scrapbooking ? and can you show us your first layout ?