19 July 2008


I made this LO a long time ago, but I thought of it because it seems the sun still isn't shining here in Belgium.
I'd better be muffled like this little one...
They call it: 'summer vacation' yeah right *sigh*
So this picture shows a little fellow warmly coverd and so fragile !

Meanwhile, you know how to get this freebie: click on the template and start downloading !!
I hope this gives you all some warmth !

CT Faft:

Here's one from Steph. Thank you very much! You did a great job !

And here's one from Bouille. She made it for a challenge C&S of Mimilou ! Super, isn't it?!

Matilde also takes part in the same challenge - this is her cute LO:

z' amoureux! by Belissa - isn't this one just adorable?

Valérie made this one :(

By Alnimema:

By Poupske:

By Gaell'creation:

By Nesssscrapouille:

By Veer:


  1. Link to my LO :

  2. This is another great template. You do such a super job! Thank you very much. :)

  3. thanks a lot for this template
    here is my LO: