29 July 2008

my award goes to...

Yesterday, there was a big storm. That's the reason why you had to wait for this exciting moment ;)

Here we go - this is my list of favorites - and I will try t tell you why I nominated all of them:

1. Mimilou:
I think she does a wonderful job with her kits! I've never bought a scrapkit online, but she almost made me change my mind haha. I'm very glad she is my first CT member !

2. Biebels:
With her self-made tutorials, she teached me the basics of designing. I hope she will help me to keep on getting better...

3. Lori:
She decided to make all of her templates for free. I think that's very generous!
This award will be a nice surprise when she gets back from vacation.

4. Gwadatiti:
I've never had the chance to let her know that I love her work and that she's a big inspiration to me.

5. Jill:
Her LO's are so energetic and they show one happy family!
I hope her new site, freshlysqueezeddesigns, will be a succes - but I think that will be no problem, because Jill is full of good ideas !

6. SuzieBelle:
I've just came across her site, but when I scanned her layouts, I became aware of her talent .

7. Anna Aspnes:
I think she's a profesional! I'm a big fan of her !!

At the same time, I want to give a big hug to all the readers that stick to my blog.
Particularly Yvon, Brien and CraZcat who visit and comment my blog regularly and keep me motivated. Thanks girls !


  1. Ahhh, da's lief!! And it's nice to see Cra-Z-Cat is also posting at your blog *waves to Deb*

  2. awwwwww... thanks for the honorable mention.. just getting around to visiting this morning as my 3 yr old granddaughter won't give up my laptop!! she's becoming a puter junkie!!LOL!! this also prevents me from scrapping :( hope to have another lo real soon.. i just love ur templates and lookin forward to using the newest.. thanks for sharing your ideas!!