22 February 2009

collab kit precious times + freebie + little contest

Here is the new project that I was talking about...
A collab kit with ANGE !!

I'm sure this kit will give you lots of inspiration to scrap all of your pictures!


A closer look:

This is my layout and a lot of creative inspiration:

Margote did a fabulous job, creating this QP.
And here's some good news : it's a freebie !!! Just click the image, and get the download link on Margote's blog!

Here you are, our little contest. Three of you can win our kit 'Precious Moments'. The rules are very simple ! Just scrap this gorgeous freebie quick page from Margote and send your page to Ange (simplementscrap@free.fr) or LieN (liengeliminator@gmail.com) and name it 'contest precious moments'.
We will vote our three favorite pages, together with our CT. It's as simple as that ! Enjoy! Be creative! We can't wait to see all of your stunning layouts !

The contest ends 4th march !

Voici notre petit "challenge" qui permettra à trois d'entre de vous de
gagner notre kit "Precious moments"; vous verrez, les règles sont très simples !
Nous vous proposons de scrapper la magnifique quick page de Margote disponible en freebie et de nous envoyer votre page, soit à LieN (liengeliminator@gmail.com) soit à
Ange (simplementscrap@free.fr), en intitulant votre email : "contest precious moments" Nos CT et nous-mêmes voterons pour nos trois pages préférées.
Et voilà ! C'est aussi simple que cela, amusez-vous, soyez créatives et épatez-nous !!



  1. Pretty kit Lien !
    I would like to thank you for your comment on my blog. I appreciate !

  2. I love the precious moments qp and tried to download it from her site. I also tried to contact her with no luck...could you possibly tell me the password that pops up after the 4shared download and timed down? I really like this, but can't seem to get it. Thank you.