30 October 2009

2lp birthday grabbag!!

It's celebration time at Two Little Pixels !! Jippiiiieeee !! Happy 2nd birthday two little pixels !!
There are over 10 Grab Bags on sale today ($3.00 each)! One Week ONLY!
Two little pixels is also having a 25% off sale from 30th October – 7th November so be sure to check it out.
Here's a sneak peek into my grab bag:


And of course some fabulous layouts using these new products:


Remember my little game?
We had a total of 12 entries for this challenge.
First of all, I'm not going to pick just 10 questions, but answer them all...
- Sabrina: "Is it a boy or a girl?"
Well, mostly, I can't keep secrets, but I'm sorry - this time you'll have to wait 3 more months to find out ;D
- DoggiNo: " Do you prefer hybrid or digital scrapping ?"
I've always been a big fan of hybrid scraps, but I'm not good at it myself... I prefer digital scrapping to keep my desk neat and tidy !
- Ruebchensmum/ Tasha: "Where do you get your inspiraton from?" Are there special websites, magazines or what ever where you find your colour inspiration and the ideas for your kits?"
My inspiration comes from anything and everywhere : a calm environment, waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirp, the morning light, the beauty of nature, meeting other interesting and creative people, music, fashion, emotions....
I have a whole long list of scrappers and designers that inspire me!
But I especially love the work of Denise Docherty and Anna Aspnes. They’re two of my favourite artists who inspire me tremendously. I also like Dunia for her simple and clean style. I’m always challenged by people who create different things then I do, like Emily Powers, Enid Soto Illustration,…
The very first time I visited Fei Fei, Paislee Press, I was so blown away and greatly intimidated by their skills !
And last but not least: I admire Taylor Made ! She always comes up with perfect designs and good ideas !
- Anyi: "How long does it take you to make one scrapbook page?"
Lately, it seems to take me forever to finish ( or even start! ) a layout...
But I think that's because I'm not having the right photographs to scrap with.
On top of that, I'm a perfectionist, and mostly, I have a hard time wanting everything to be just a certain way....
- Pom: "Is there any layout of yours that is so not you but gave you great fun making it? Why? "
I guess this is the one : link It's so much diffrent to what I'm used to... I tried to use some fantasy elements, but I struggle to make things look real. I'm amazed by those scrappers who can create a fanasy world in their layouts ! I also had great fun making this one link, because I kept adding a lot of elements and papers and that's just so NOT clean and simple!
- Aniko: "Since when do you deal with the making of kits?"
July 2008, I made my first freebie kit called 'Natural'. It included only four papers, five elements and a lot of imperfections. But however, I was very proud that I had made it all by myself LOL
you can find the 'freebie kit' here: papers & elements
- Amy J.: "How did you learn how to design digital materials?"
One day, I started experimenting with brushes, styles and actions I found on the net.
- Renate: "What is your favorite color?"
I think that depends on my mood... at this moment euhmmm... orange !
- Stampin123: "What gives you purpose in life?"
What gives me purpose in life is not always the same thing day after day. My purpose is what I decide it is on any given day. Yesterday may have sucked, but the knowledge that tomorrow could be fantastic is very interesting to me.
- Zizazzi: "What do you feel when you see a layout made with your kit ? "
I'm very proud and honored of course !! :D
- Ella: "How did you discover digital-scrapbooking ? and can you show us your first layout ?"
I was looking for a way to preserve memories and photos without wasting a lot of time, money, or energy. One day, I came across a Belgian forum about photo editing. I was instantly hooked !
Here's a link to my first layout ever: link ( OMG, I'm blushing... )

And now, these THREE winners have been selected at random:

Congratulations to Ella, Zizazzi and Anyi! (Shoot me an email and I will send you a link to my grabbag with 4 new digital products in it ! ) Thanks again to all of you for participating!

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