02 November 2009

28 weeks

At last I’m here at the long awaited third trimester of the pregnancy !
I love spending time watching my belly move and trying to identify which body parts were causing all the commotion.
So while I sit here and outgrow my maternity clothes at an alarming rate, I’m hoping that the next weeks will be filled with memorable moments for me and the little person inside my belly.

belly photo 28 weeks
embrace by Fei Fei Stuff ; wa + circles serenite by Ange


  1. Ahahah, I'm nearly 30 weeks, and nothing is ready !

    I also love looking @ my belly, and Myself I'm wondering if it's a baby girl or a baby boy...Surprise!

    I'm sorry I didn't thank you for your award last time...so thanks you very much !

  2. Enjoy the movement while you still can mwahahahah :P