01 May 2010

hello love

Oh no!!! I got a speeding ticket this week pffffff. My first one...
I lost track of time while doing some baby shopping and I tried to hurry back home to breastfeed my little one.... but I guess I stepped up a bit too much *auch*
So now, you all will have to buy a lot of my products to pay this 50€ ticket ;D LOL


Do you always have a smile on your face on every morning?
Perhaps not! There are a thousand and more reasons why it is difficult to put a smile on one's face much as you would want to.

But my baby boy always brings such a delight. When I wake up, and look into Jonah's crib, he treats me with a big smile!
There's no better way to start a new day. No energy drink or strong coffee can beat that !

Now, here's my kit "Hello Love" for sale at Digital Crea shop, about starting a new day in a good mood:

So tomorrow when you wake up, no matter how depressing you think your day will be, give it a shot: put the smile on your face, it will not cost you a cent ( and best of all, it is the best way to deter facial wrinkles )

Look at these beautiful pages from my CT for your inspiration !! Thx again, girls !!


  1. I was one of the lucky winners and already own this kit, so no chance to pay your ticket. But can brighten up your day in saying that the kit is great, your little boy amazing and your CT did a wonderful job.
    Have a nice day and keep smiling!

  2. Gorgeous kit lien!!
    I'm sorry to hear about the speedingticket. Soar money :(

    Give Jonah a big hug from me :)

    x Yvon

  3. Because i was one of the lucky winners of this kit I can tell everyone that it is V.E.R.Y B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L
    Thanks again and a smile back for your Jonah!