07 May 2010

mother's day + RAK

Mother's day.....

It's time to celebrate my first mothers day. I must say this evokes mixed feelings of joy and pride!!
Now I realise the value of my own mother even more. I feel very grateful for bringing me up so well and being so caring.

Here's a wordart pack about mommy, available at two little pixels ( now -25% !) :



Tell me about your first mother's day. Post your message in the comment box below and I'll check back later this week to pick a winner at random. Good luck !

** deadline sunday 9th may **


  1. My first mother'sday was in 2007. My babyboy was about 6 months old and he made a wonderful balloon at daycare. It was really special, because not having a boyfriend for years I kinda gave up on the idea of having kids and al of a suddens I found myself the best man ever and after 2 years we were blessed with a beautiful boy.

    I was well spoiled that day with lots of smiles and breakfast in bed. It is the best day ever to remember.

    Hope you have a great first mothersday.

    Love Miranda

  2. lovely wordarts! and thanks for the chance to win! i remember my first mothers day very well - because that was the day my first child was born! a son! on mothers day 2005! <3 hugs.

  3. My first Mother's Day was in 1993. My son was almost one year old. He was walking but on that day he started a slow gaited run toward me saying love you, love you. My heart melted and 17 years later, he still comes running and never hesitates to tell me "I love you Mom." Life is good!

  4. Beautifull!!!
    on mothers day 2005! ALEXIA

  5. My first Mother's Day was in 2007. I remember that my husband made a big card with the hands of my daughter on it, I remember that he said that her hands were full with paint LoL

    These wordarts looks amazing! thanks for the chance

  6. It was 5 years ago. I got little tulips and little chocolates and a big kiss :-)
    Thank you for the RAK! Take care!

  7. Nicolas is born the 29/4/2005.
    It's awful, I don"t remeber if there ware something special for this day.:-(. But probably not because, we don't celebrate much in the family of my husband , even birthday. In my family we do.

  8. My first mother day was in 2004 and my husband brough me some flowers, telling me that our girl had worked hard to get them on time for the right day ;) and a lot of kisses !
    Thanks for that RAK, the WA pack is lovely.

  9. My first mother's day was a very special day because I've discovered I'm pregnant: a second baby,what a beautiful gift!!
    thanks for the chance to win :-)

  10. My son is 4 years old, so it wasn't the first mothersday in this year. But now it is the first mothersday in the kindergarten. My son took my hands, recited the poem, and I almost burst into tears. And I thought: it is the most wonderful thing in the world to be a mother...