13 March 2012

scrap meets photography...

I think one of the most joyful experiences for a professional photographer is capturing the beauty of an innocent baby. It sure takes a lot of time, dedication and patience, but there's nothing more beautiful than making an everlasting impact with your photo!

The white-room studio look has become really popular. But here's an example how to use textures and papers to create 'the picture perfect':

credits: Annelie Brux Photography

Annelie, from Annelie Brux Photography; uses my digital designs for her professional and commercial photos. That's a great honor ! This baby photo, as shown above, has a background paper from my kit 'to the moon and back'. I think it gives the photo a special touch.

Here's some more eye-candy for you. All photographs were taken by Annelie. It just makes my heart melt..... Thank you, Annelie, for sharing your talent with us !

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