09 April 2012

coming soon...

Jonah is just lovely!
He's gorgeous, fun to be with and soooo affectionate. He loves to cuddle !

He is also incredibly active.
Lovely as it is, it can also be a little exhausting to have a toddler who thinks sleep is for the weak, or to hear him constantly say no!
He's realy testing his boundaries. The smallest requests become power struggles..

This 2 years old bundle of loving energy is the reason it took me so long to design something new. But this cuddly boy also inspired me to create a new kit, named 'king of cuddles'.

I'll keep you posted...


  1. I really imagine he is a king of cuddles. He is such a little cutie pie. What an adorable smile!!!

    Good news to hear you made a new kit. Can't wait to see it.


  2. Just love the little dimple in his cheek, Lien. As a preschool teacher, teaching 2-4 year olds, I sure can imagine how he keeps you busy and entertained! And as one who has seen this new release, it is really cute and colourful!

  3. looking forward to see this new kit.As for this lovely kid, don't worry, kids are all the same and we've all made it through.


  4. Your king of cuddles is too cute!! ♥♥